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420 Smoke and Smell Remover

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ALL SMOKE odors are effectively neutralized, plus removes tobacco and other organic smoke smells in cars, furniture, kitchens, restrooms, vehicles and anywhere unpleasant smoke smells are. The four unique scent options are tough on even the most potent smoke smells.

Works instantly and immediately eliminates ALL smoke odors upon contact with the source and leaves a lasting, clean fragrance.

Easy to apply, simply spray directly to the smoke smelling area or into the air.

Smoke odor eliminator spray instantly and naturally removes unwanted smells from air, fabric, and other surfaces.

Breaks down the odor of ALL smoke without having to wash or rinse. Generously spray 420hhh! to any space and enjoy being discreet.


Brand:Moonwater Elixirs


420hhh! is a unique blend of essential oils and other natural ingredients. Made with a proprietary mixture of distilled water, complimenting essential oils and other ingredients. Made entirely in the United States and specifically geared towards reducing and eliminating the unwanted smell of ALL smoke. 420hhh! Can be used discreetly on your curtains, couches, clothes and personal space to ensure your privacy and discretion, so that anyone can smoke how they like and smell how they want. Use anywhere you plan on lighting up. Ideal in small spaces such as cars, apartments, dorm rooms, bedrooms and hotel rooms. Smoking and lighting up is a lifestyle choice. Being discreet is important and 420hhh! is effective on clothing, car seats, fabric and personal space. Gimmick-free and powerful, our product is more effective and easier than incense and nasty chemical store bought room sprays. 420hhh! ALL SMOKE smoke eliminator is non-aerosol, bio-degradable and all natural and we use no synthetic perfumes or fake smells. Available in 4 pleasing and proven scents: GANJA is a patchouli based spray and beautiful aromatic essential oils. MARY JANE is a tangerine scented spray with a beautiful and peaceful lingering aroma of vanilla. (Absolutely terrific for bedrooms, dorm rooms and apartments). CANNABOLISH is scented primarily with Lemon and complimenting citrus scents and this spray is fantastic to clear a larger personal space as it is invigorating and energizing. (Try this in your car or Living Room) CHRONIC is our coconut scented spray with lovely Vanilla and Lavender overtones, this spray is rapidly becoming a huge hit among everyday smokers as this spray captures the relaxing and peaceful odors everyone loves. (Fantastic at home, in your car, outside with friends or other gatherings. People will come up and ask "who is baking cookies"). 420hhh! is 100 percent MADE IN THE USA. Always shake your bottle before spraying. Do not use internally.


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